Our experience is entirely at your service

So that charter is synonymous with pleasure and in order to be be a truly unforgettable experience,
we are happy to offer you a selection of various appealing destinations.

Amongst the well-known destnations such as the Western Mediterranean (Côte d'Azur, Corsica,
Sardinia, Italy...), the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey...), and the Caribbean
and Seychelles, we will be very happy to assist you to discover or rediscover other
destinations such as Scandinavia, North America, the South East Asia, the Pacific...
Whatever the choice of your destination or the type of stay you want (with the jet-set in favorite
yacht destinations such as Saint Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, Porto Vecchio or St. Barts to enjoy
a little more tranquillity and the beauty of landscapes in places such as the Islands of
Port Cros, Porquerolles, perhaps the Island of Elba or further afield) our experience
and know-how is entirely at your service so that your charter is a unique
and exceptional experience.

Here we have only a first selection of suggested or recommended destinations - The world is quite literally your oyster! Please don't hesitate to contact us for information on any other destination which is not included on this site.

Charter a yacht Italy, Sardinia & Sicily

 For the history, art and farniente lovers, the Italian coast, Sardinia and Sicily are perfect destinations. Starting from the Gulf of Genoa, you can stop in San Remo and attend its music festival, enjoy the now very famous small fishing port of Portofino or relax on the white sandy beaches of Viareggio and Rapallo.
The Tuscan archipelago, overflows with history, in 1814 Napoleon 1st was exiled on this island. If you follow your cruise towards the South along the Amalfi Coast, do not miss Naples and its architectural heritage, typical cuisine and the welcoming atmosphere. If you want to do some luxury shopping do not miss the small famous village of Positano.
Positano is also a worldwide renowned place thanks to the various artists who stopped there such as Paul Klee and Tennessee Williams. 
The city of Sorrento, described as the jewel of the peninsula is the best starting point to discover gorgeous places such as Capri "the blue Island" where you can admire from your yacht its coast full of wonderful caves and discover the most amazing rock shapes. Cool down in the shade while sipping a lovely cocktail on a café terrace before getting ready to explorer Capri by night.
Before heading to Sicily, do not miss the Lipari Islands, volcanic archipelago north of Sicily. They are recorded in the world heritage of UNESCO. If you like diving, the Islands of Salina and Filicudi are divers' heaven, you can discover the caves and enjoy the tranquility of the area. 
Before you finally arrive in Sicily you can enjoy a day on the "Vulcano Isle" (last active volcano with the Stromboli) where you can "get dirty" laying down into its famous mud baths!

For the history, mythology and culture lovers do not miss the largest island of the Med: Sicily and its inevitable volcano Etna!
Or if you prefer to be with the jet-set and enjoy partying and clubbing go to Taormina, the Sicilian "Saint Tropez", where all the extravagant behaviours are allowed!
  Another major place you have to visit is Sardinia... This island located in the South of Corsica is the second biggest island in the Med. Sardinia will enchant you with its history, its staggering littoral and its wide range of flora and fauna. It is also another great place for divers with crystal clear waters...
Starting from Palau you can cruise through the Islands Maddalena and Caprera which are part of a national park and are totally wild.
If you are more a party animal you can head to Porto Cervo where you can start your evening drinking a cocktail onboard your Yacht before heading to one of the Clubs in the city.

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