Our experience is entirely at your service

So that charter is synonymous with pleasure and in order to be be a truly unforgettable experience,
we are happy to offer you a selection of various appealing destinations.

Amongst the well-known destnations such as the Western Mediterranean (Côte d'Azur, Corsica,
Sardinia, Italy...), the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey...), and the Caribbean
and Seychelles, we will be very happy to assist you to discover or rediscover other
destinations such as Scandinavia, North America, the South East Asia, the Pacific...
Whatever the choice of your destination or the type of stay you want (with the jet-set in favorite
yacht destinations such as Saint Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, Porto Vecchio or St. Barts to enjoy
a little more tranquillity and the beauty of landscapes in places such as the Islands of
Port Cros, Porquerolles, perhaps the Island of Elba or further afield) our experience
and know-how is entirely at your service so that your charter is a unique
and exceptional experience.

Here we have only a first selection of suggested or recommended destinations - The world is quite literally your oyster! Please don't hesitate to contact us for information on any other destination which is not included on this site.

Charter a yacht The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean: gorgeous islands rich in diversity.

To begin, Seychelles, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the most magical area of the world waits for you. Archipelago of 115 islands with evocative names: Mahe, Praslin, la Digue, Cerf Island, Coco, Bird Island...

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, south-west of India, the Maldives are just simply paradise and are probably one of the most beautiful islands of the planet. A truly unforgettable experience. The setting is of course sumptuous: white sand, coconut palm trees, blue sea at 28°C., transparent lagoons and multicolored fish…

The Maldives are naturally the paradise for divers; they will discover a unique decor and colorful seabed. The Maldives are therefore a destination for those who love the tranquility, the wild life, and especially for Sea lovers... Magical

Mauritius is a small island (65kms long on 48kms wide) but with a wide variety of culture and history. You can imagine being Robinson Crusoe and visit one of many islands scattered around Mauritius like "Ile Ronde, Ile aux Bénitiers, Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile aux Deux Cocos, Ile d'Ambre, Ile aux Cerfs"... Of course divers will be more than happy to explore the colorful seabed fauna.

The Reunion Island, small piece of France lost in the Indian Ocean, corner of paradise where high mountains dive into the Ocean where the warm water is protected by kilometers of the barrier reef. All the activities possible are here for you:  hiking, climbing, rafting, paragliding, hang gliding, fabulous helicopter lights...

Without forgetting, Madagascar, Mayotte, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar… many exotic destinations, a crossroads between Asia and Africa, it’s mesmerizing….

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