Our experience is entirely at your service

So that charter is synonymous with pleasure and in order to be be a truly unforgettable experience,
we are happy to offer you a selection of various appealing destinations.

Amongst the well-known destnations such as the Western Mediterranean (Côte d'Azur, Corsica,
Sardinia, Italy...), the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey...), and the Caribbean
and Seychelles, we will be very happy to assist you to discover or rediscover other
destinations such as Scandinavia, North America, the South East Asia, the Pacific...
Whatever the choice of your destination or the type of stay you want (with the jet-set in favorite
yacht destinations such as Saint Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, Porto Vecchio or St. Barts to enjoy
a little more tranquillity and the beauty of landscapes in places such as the Islands of
Port Cros, Porquerolles, perhaps the Island of Elba or further afield) our experience
and know-how is entirely at your service so that your charter is a unique
and exceptional experience.

Here we have only a first selection of suggested or recommended destinations - The world is quite literally your oyster! Please don't hesitate to contact us for information on any other destination which is not included on this site.

Charter a yacht - Scandinavia

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, here are the five countries which compose Scandinavia.
  Norway is a grandiose and very various country. In the single day you can see snowy mountains but also take a bath into transparent waters. The South coast is one of the nicest places of Scandinavia, the breathtaking fiords and the Lofoten Islands are a small paradise on earth!
  Sweden is a marvelous country, very soft and coloured. Its big mysterious forests and its scintillating lakes will enchant you. The evident assets of Sweden are the coasts full of typical small fishermen villages, its mesmerizing islands and its natural reserves.
  Denmark is surrounded by waters and counts about 500 islands. It’s a discreet country as many Scandinavian countries and it will seduce you with its relaxed atmosphere and its quality of life.
  Iceland is famous for its splendid landscapes. The geysers, the lava fields and the lake with floating icebergs will for sure give you a change of scenery! You can go up North to explore the fiords or if you prefer, relax in the “Blue Lagoon” with its 30°C waters…Or even enjoy a round of golf under the midnight sun. Iceland is able to please any desire.
  Finland is the Eastern country of Scandinavia and has a multitude of lakes and is covered with an endless forest.

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