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We understand that selling your yacht is also a big undertaking and that you want it to be dealt with as efficiently and easily as possible while looking to get the best price that you can. At The World of Yachting we will strive to make that happen.


By meticulously studying the attributes of your yacht we will be able to define the best price to ask and the best strategy to market your yacht and also compile an excellent presentation involving images, commentary and a full specification.

A global

Our presentations are in electronic as well as hard copy formats and this allows us to advertise completely globally over a variety of mediums.


As your entrusted broker for the sale of your yacht, we will use our relationships with other reputable brokers worldwide to make them aware of your yacht, her qualities and potential. This infinity increases the chance of a sale.

Amongst our means we use…

 Advertising in quality yachting publications
• High exposure and ranked yacht listing sites
for the public and professionals
• Frequent updates to the global network of brokers
• Our extensive in house database of clients
• Boat shows
• Open house and industry open day
viewing events
• Tailored brochure presentations
• TWOY website and newsletter
Industry and social networks
• Press releases
Additional luxury events

We will communicate openly with you along every step of the way and inform you of any interest and offers that are presented while frequently adapting our marketing to getting the best possible results.

When we have a solid offer from a qualified buyer and you accept, then we will precisely go through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and successful conclusion to the sale.

If you have any questions regarding the buying sales processes and the means that we use, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss this. We’re here and happy to help.
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