You may be an experienced yacht owner and know pretty much your exact requirements, or perhaps venturing into the world of yachting for the first time and only have a vague idea of what you are looking for…In any case, your WOY yacht broker will consult with you, define your criteria and endeavour to find the perfect yacht for you.

The market is a global one and your WOY broker is aware of the best deals to be had in different areas depending on your preference and style. They may often also be aware of yachts that aren’t publicly available for sale on the open market.

Please find below a directory and general descriptions of the most common types
of yachts available on the market.

  • Mega yacht

    The ultimate in size and generally splendour. A megayacht can often be used for transoceanic travel or as a floating home. Very desirable for charter they can cater up to large guest numbers depending on their classification and have a great many amenities and facilities which can include cinemas, pools, spas, helicopters and even submarines.

  • Large Motor Yachts

    A large motor yacht can be of some size and often has a fine array of facilities for guests. They are usually used for personal or charter enjoyment in their chosen cruising grounds allowing the guests to appreciate the coastline and local attractions. Sumptuous and comfortable they are often considered to be the finest and most fun floating villas.

  • Performance Motor Yachts

    Again varying in size, but often smaller, these yachts are by definition fast and fun. They make great weekend or day-tripping yachts though can be used for longer cruises. Regularly equipped with excellent entertainment equipment, large swim platforms and good open spaces, they are built very much for pleasure and enjoyment.

  • Explorer Yachts

    Coming in a range of sizes and styles these robust yachts are built to travel the world’s oceans and access areas off limits to normal yachts. With long range and excellent economy along with great sea keeping capabilities and comfortable accommodations for long voyages they are ideal for the adventurous owner. There are a number of yards that build them new and also many vessels thoughtfully converted to this type.

  • Sailing yachts

    For those that really love the sea, the air and the natural feel of being powered by the wind. Currently the world largest modern sailing yacht is the remarkable Maltese Falcon at 88m, but there are many size and style ranges available on the market. Most often designers and builders will concentrate on the relationship between performance and comfort. Some sailing yachts easily match the best motor yachts in terms of luxury and conveniences.

  • Classic sailing yachts

    Old school charm and the appeal of tradition lures many owners to possess a classic sailing yacht. The extensive use of varnished wood and the historic grace set them apart from the rest. Almost as with cars; fewer by numbers they are to behold and are a rare object of pleasure for those who can enjoy them. Recently a number of yards have produced or have been commissioned to build classic style yachts incorporating traditional elements along with modern technology.

  • Multihulled yachts

    Motor or sailing catamarans and less so trimarans make up this category. There are many advantages to their design particularly regarding stability and space above the waterline. They can be extremely high performing (fast ferries and the new generation of America’s cup yachts for example), and are often built with exceptional levels of comfort as they make great platforms for enjoying cruising and the sea at relatively close proximity.

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