There are of course two sides to chartering and the other side is that of representing owners and their yachts in the charter market. At TWOY we are well experienced and skilled at doing this.

Due to other commitments many owners don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of their yachts as often as they would like and in order to bring about a return on their investment, cover the running costs and keep the crew active and up to date, they charter their yachts for the enjoyment of others.

If you are a yacht owner or a potential one, then we would be very happy to discuss the opportunities and parameters involved. We can advise you on the commercial classification required of your yacht and conceive a marketing strategy along with a consummate presentation to keep her in every broker and clients thoughts when looking for the right yacht.

As a central agent representing a yacht we are responsible for maintaining her profile in the industry by means of –

- Having an excellent hard and electronic brochure of the yacht prepared for presentation to clients and brokers alike.
- Advertising her in worldwide media online and in quality specialised and targeted publications
- Listing her on industry booking databases such as the MYBA Yachtfolio site which is an index of the finest quality yachts for charter accessed by the most reputable and proficient brokers.
- Listing her on our website and suggesting her to our own clients
- Sending out regular mailing to our global network of fellow brokers to keep them aware of her qualities and availability
- Featuring the yacht in open days and industry charter shows such as the MYBA charter show in Genoa and the Antigua charter show, allowing brokers to visit her attentively.

We manage the calendar of the yacht and all the formalities of the bookings making sure that the yachts reputation for quality and service remains at the highest level. In house we can also provide services to make absolutely certain that your yacht adheres to maritime and customs regulations no matter where she is sailing.

We currently have a fleet of yachts that we manage for charter in a range of sizes from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea. We would be happy to add any quality charter yachts to this prodigious list.

We operate on the same industry standard commission as all other reputable brokers on a basis of 5% of the charter fee as our payment for the chartering the yacht. As this is a commission structure it is in our best interests to work hard and secure for the owner the maximum number of charter weeks that fits with the schedule and upkeep of the yacht. We aim to please everybody!
Please contact us now to so we can give you more information on what we can do for you.

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