Build or Buy ?

Owning a yacht is a luxury and a dream that only a small proportion of successful entrepreneurs achieve. When you get to the stage of realizing that dream, whether you buy an existing yacht, an ongoing project or decide to commission a new build project, it is a unique and fulfilling experience that we would like to accompany you through.
While the existing yacht market can permit clients to acquire a vessel at competitive prices, specialised shipyards also offer clients the possibility to build their dream yacht, following the build, monitoring and having several options at each stage of the construction process. New technologies and materials allow designers and to stimulate their creativity and explore new designs and features. The possibility of owning something so fine and exclusive is a huge draw for many owners.

There is also somewhere in between, where a number of yards including Feadship and Amels have semi-custom lines whereby a client can choose a hull design and then elaborate a great deal on the layout, uses, and interior design of a yacht. We would be very happy to discuss the availability and options of such yachts and we have the relationships with the shipyards to make this happen efficiently and cost effectively. We can additionally broker an attractive deal with any new build production yacht that you choose.

When purchasing an existing yacht, your WOY broker will advise you on making the right offer based on his market knowledge and will represent you during the negotiations. When building a new yacht, he will advise you on every aspect this involves allowing you to choose the ideal elements required to achieve your dream.

The advantages of each:


 • A blank canvas and an infinity of choices
 • The use of the very latest technologies in building and on the yacht
 • Unrestricted design and customization possibilities (within class limitations,
           your broker can advise on this)
 • The unique enjoyment to be gained from such an experience
 • The possibility of being avant-garde and creating something intimately personal


 • Immediate availability and extensive choice
 • Economically reasonable (cheaper than building new and open to negotiation)
 • Running costs and revenues (charter income) available for an established yacht
 • Possibility to upgrade and refit to satisfy personal preferences
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  • New Yacht Construction
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