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    If you’re ever looking for real bluewater sailing and real value, then Volador’s as real as it gets…She only happens to be built by the Dutch yard, Royal Huisman (yes a Royal shipyard), and a sistership of Flyer II which won the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1982…This is no nag…she’s a pedigree racer. Funnily enough she’s also built for comfort, with plenty of space in and even more out to get the wind in your hair. She also comes with a great crew who will happily let you work out on the hydraulic winches if you want!

    The cabins: Four well appointed en suite double cabins including 2 symmetrical owners cabins…Great for a family…or two.   

    Ideal shipmate: Dame Ellen MacArthur

    Set sail for: Based in the western Med, but let’s see where the wind takes us?

    What a gem this yacht is (see what we did there?)! She was designed by the renowned Sir Norman Foster and his associates and they’ve come up with nothing short of special. Hi-tech in looks and nature, this is like chartering the luxury spaceship in the fleet cruising in an undiscovered galaxy not so far away…With Italian chic all around, floor to ceiling windows, more deck space than you can throw something very large at and even a choice of private balconies for the master suite, “port or starboard?” is not the only choice on this refreshing menu!
    The cabins: All the cabins have a great contemporary even futuristic appeal with brilliant adjustable lighting for ambience. A full beam master with his and hers balconies and 4 similarly cool guest cabins for up to 10

    Ideal shipmate: Amelia Earhart

    Set sail for: The amazing Gulf of Thailand is where she is now…Enjoy it!.
    Brand new with old world charm, Dunia Baru (“New World” in Indonesian), is a delectable fusion of technology and traditional…Almost gaining a category of best for…everybody! Swimming, snoozing, sight-seeing, dining, diving, doting…Frolic during the day, between watersports and climbing the rigging and then chill out in the evening with unbelievable local culinary delights and the underwater LED lights on, attracting all sorts of marine life…There’s even more than one crew member to each guest, so no wanting going for service!

    The cabins: Just a full beam top deck master with 190° views and a private terrace…and 6 ensuite, air-conditioned double cabins for everyone else…Quite a lot to write home about!

    Ideal shipmate: Errol Flynn

    Set sail for: Bali, Phuket, Komodo, Raja Ampat…a magical mystery tour.

  • Flèche d’Argent

    Crockett and Tubbs eat your hearts out…You wouldn’t catch this one! Maxing out at almost 50 knots and cruising at over 40, this is the yacht to get to you the best table at Nikki Beach or Club 55 before the crowds move in…Speed and style with high comfort…Just sit back and enjoy as you leave the early starters in your wake.

    The cabin: Just the one, but oozing luxury and perfect for an anchored layover or snoozing on the way home.

    Ideal shipmate: Vin Diesel

    Set sail for: Anywhere you want to get to fast.


    Moonbeam should have got a centennial letter from the Queen last year, but in case she didn’t, there are plenty of royal connections with this charming yet daring blast from the past…Commissioned for family of Queen Victoria’s physician, twice winner of the prestigious Kings Cup and latterly owned by Prince Rainer of Monaco. She’s the largest gaff cutter in the world and regularly sails on the classic regatta circuit…Fancy gentleman’s club appeal for an enchanting old school cruise or a full on team building sailing experience for up to 20, this is the yacht!

    The cabins: 3 classically magical cabins, all rosewood paneling, leather upholstery and Persian rugs.

    Ideal shipmate: Horatio Nelson

    Set sail for: Corsica or Sardinia, if only just to see her anchored in the bays there…

    • Now for a very genuine tall ship story…Want to get your company noticed with something a little different?  Then this proverbial “Lady of the wind” literally stands well above the rest! Large conference room space and 400m² of deck space make her ideal for presentations and parties alike…She can also carry a pretty unmatchable (in luxury charter yacht categories) 200 guests while cruising or at anchor…At the very least you know that you can have the biggest and highest banner at whatever show you’re at!
    The cabins: A mere 25 luxury cabins, all air-conditioned and en-suite for up to 54 favoured friends or preferred partners...That’s top of this league!

    Ideal shipmate: Richard Branson and friends
    Set sail for: It’s a go anywhere yacht with a steel hull, but for a corporate charter you may just want to hang about and be seen in the port of your choosing!
    If we mention Flanders…Do you think of The Simpsons!? We’re actually referring to the enchanting Dutch speaking region of Belgium where one can cruise the canals on board the resplendent and charming luxury barge that is Golden Odyssey…Think Bruges, Ghent, hot air balloon rides, carriages, castles and Counts…and windmills, lots of windmills! At your leisure, following your own itinerary, with the highest level of service throughout a history lesson is in the making with antiques, art and aristocracy at every turn. There’s even a spa pool to lounge in while you glide by…
    The cabins: 3 beautifully appointed cabins (2 doubles and a twin) in an Edwardian style lending perfectly to the nature of the cruise.

    Ideal shipmate: Oscar Wilde
    Set sail for: Bruges; Totally medieval and once northern Europe’s second richest and most splendid city (just edged out by Venice)!
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