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The World Of Yachting

Many people in yachting are under the impression that bigger is better…While we may actually agree with that in a very few cases, we have always thought that when it comes to yachting companies we tend to disagree.
We pride ourselves in being a relatively small company that is known worldwide, in no small part due to the longevity and global influence of our CEO, Thierry Voisin, who has been involved in the upper echelons of the industry through his family and enterprise for many generations, but also through our intrinsic values and sense of purpose.
There is an unfortunate propensity for larger companies to go for the bigger yachts and clients and as a result of the exultation involved with such they can all too easily ignore other clients with smaller yachts, but no lesser needs. We are concentrated and specialised in the 25 to 60 meters range and treat all our clients with equal and paramount respect and attention.
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